In all sincerity I never thought I’d have to add this page, when pretty much everything I write about is what’s going inside my head, and I don’t get that many comments here anyway. And yet, I managed to sprout a troll. And I’ve now squashed him like the wee troll bug he is, but here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m putting all comments on moderation. It’s not you, unless you’re the wee troll bug, in which case: shoo, we’re done with you here.

In short:

–No derails. Respond to the topic of the post or (within reason) to another commenter. I’ll use some discretion here, because I know from other blogs that discussions can go in other directions. But if the post is on grief and you feel you must talk about the horrors of gay sex? That’s a derail. And I’ll be squashing that.

–Keep it civil. I’m as capable of using fuck as the next person and well-placed profanity doesn’t bother me. But if you attack me, or one of my other commenters, on the basis of gender, sexuality, skin color, age, size, or national origin, you’re done here.

–You are not protected by the First Amendment here. This is my space. There are countless spaces on the big wide internet where you can show your ass, but it isn’t going to be here.


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