4 08 2016

This brief story arrived on my Facebook page yesterday:

WINNER: Man wearing bedazzled Trump shirt in Walmart yesterday asks if I’m aware that they provide services for unwed teen mothers like myself.

The woman posting it is one of my son’s friends.  She is in her late 20s and married.  There is obviously just a ton of fail in this episode, and we entertained ourselves for the next several hours with “what you should have said”.  I flushed my sinuses with coffee several times at what could have been hilarious comebacks, and a good time was had by all.

And then the comment that started with: “The Trump shirt is immaterial…”

And there you have it, again.

A woman tells her story, and someone is there to tell her she’s doing it wrong.  That she has noticed the wrong thing, that her story isn’t hers to tell so let’s tell her how to do it correctly.  So that only the correct and important things are shown.

It’s a man doing it? #notallmen.

Walmart? Lots of people go to Walmart.  Or even better: “That’s what you get for going to Walmart.”

Teen? “I’d be complimented if someone thought I was a teenager!”

And finally it comes down to questioning or whittling away at every facet of the story, with the ultimate verdict being: You told it wrong.  You saw it wrong.  You reacted wrong.  What’s the big deal? It was cute, come on, where’s your sense of humor?

Which are probably the same things that would be said about my reaction to those comments.




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